Top Choice Lake in Parque Nacional Huascarán

Laguna Parón

Silent awe enters people's expressions when they talk of Laguna Parón. Nestled at 4185m above sea level, along a bumpy road 25km east of Caraz, and surrounded by spectacular snow-covered peaks, many claim this to be…
Lake in Parque Nacional Huascarán

Lagunas Llanganuco

A dirt road ascends 1350m from Yungay, winding over 28km to the Llanganuco Valley and its two robin-egg blue lakes, which are also known as Laguna Chinancocha and Laguna Orconcocha. Nestled in a glacial valley just …
Glacier in Parque Nacional Huascarán

Pastoruri Glacier

Still hanging on by the skin of its teeth high up in the Cordillera Blanca, the rapidly retreating Pastoruri glacier is one of the few remaining glaciers in tropical South America. Despite its lofty vantage (5050m),…