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Private Portal de Aramu Muru, Chucuito, and Inca Uyo from Puno

You will visit the famous portal called Aramu Muru or Hayu Marca located 80km away from Puno. It is an important Andean ritual place for past Andean cultures like Tiahuanaco, Lupacas and Incas.
5 hours
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Puno to Amaru Muru Private Tour with The Temple of Inca Uyo

Aramu Muru or Hayu Marca, is certainly one of the most mystical places in Lake Titicaca, in Hayu Marka, there is an enigmatic gate carved in a one big Stone located in the middle of the rocky formations, also this place is a reference for many mystical people around the World. Our tour to Aramu Muru does interesting stops on the way. The first stop is in Chucuito village a colonial town, near is TheTemple of Inca Uyo which has more than 20 penises carved in stone, probably related with the fertility. After doing the visit, we will continue to Aramu Muru’s gate located in a fantastic place among rocky formations, the tour includes a short hiking around.
5 hours
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Aramu Muru tour with Andean Shaman

Visiting Aramu Muru with an Andean shaman, will be an outstanding experience in your life, we’ll do ceremonies, meditations, offerings, and rituals.House of the ancient Spirits and Masters this place is considered an interdimensional doorway. The Ancients created the main altars to the Sun in the Aimara regions. We will experience the vortex energy of the Interdimensional Gate of Aramu Muru,Experience a ceremony at the Doorway that will help you connect with the powerful Interdimensional energies that flow into this timeless altar. Live the experience of placing your 3rd eye on the contact point on the doorway itself can only be described by you as you have your own unique experience.
6 hours
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Private Tour Inka Uyo and Aramu Muro Portal - Puno

Located in the great plateau of Collao, facing Lake Titikaka. At about 18 km from Puno in the South Pan-American Highway (30 min. travel aprox.) is located Chucuito, this former capital and largest city of the Incas and Lupacas. The main attractions are: the solar clock made in marble that was the symbol of the law and justice during the colony. At its side, is the Ceremonial Temple Inca Uyo, also called “Temple of the phalluses”, a venue that has between twenty and thirty phalluses embedded in the ground. It is believed that provided guidance to the seasons of the year and ceremonial fertility center.
5 hours
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Full-Day Tour of Juli from Puno

FULL DAY JULI RIDE - CHUCUITO - AMARO MURO (CUATRIMOTO, JET SKI AND ZIPLINE) The tour starts at 08:30 a.m. With the collection of your hotels, we go to the city of Chucuito. at 09:15 a.m. approximately we visited the temple of fertility 10:15 a.m. the drinking fountain of the Inca and 10: 45 the portal Aramu Muru. From there we continue the trip to the city of juli.  In the city of juli at 12:30 p.m. We will have 1 lunch with typical ingredients of the area, hence the most important thing in the recreational center on the beach, where the activities begin (14:00 p.m.- 05:00 p.m.) ride on watercraft, ATV and zipline. Starting at 05:00 p.m. - 7 p.m. Trip back to the city of Puno. 07:00 p.m. arrival in Puno. End of service
12 hours
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2-Day Tour Chucuito, Amaru Muru and Juli (Choqoconiri, Huaylluni)

Enjoy this trip that has a duration of 22:00 hours that is divided into 2 days and 1 night The first day 07:00 a.m. I pick up from your hotel (previous indication). In the morning, visit tourist attractions such as the Totora Museum (City of Puno), the Inca Uyo Fertility Temple, Amaru Muru - Dimension Gate (Chucuito City), city tour (Juli City). and 12:30 p.m. lunch in Juli. In the afternoon we will visit Choqoconiri Village - mastodon museum plus night accommodation (Juli City) The second day is visited in the morning. Port of Juli, Huaylluni - trout fishing activity, visit to the petroglyphs (mantle of the virgin) and 12:00 p.m. lunch (Juli City). In the afternoon, recreation of activities, ATV, watercraft, zipline and canopy. (City of Juli) 05:00 p.m. return to Puno 07:00 p.m. Arrival in Puno and transfer to your hotel. End of service
23 hours
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Half Day Tour Amaru Muro from Puno

The portal of Amaru Muru, also known as "Hayu Marca" or "Willka Uta", is a mystical and energetic place that exists near Lake Titicaca. An altar carved in a single piece of rock over 5 meters, surrounded by a very particular landscape and the point of reference of many mystical visitors. We will make a stop in Chucuito, a colonial town that houses remains of the "Temple of Fertility" or "Inca Uyo". The door of Amaru Muru is located inside some very curious rock formations ("Forest of stones"), it is a place of meditation for travelers. If you need to recharge nature's energies, this is your choice to visit.
5 hours
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A perfect half day adventure at the highest navigable Lake in the world, Experience the hidden beauties Of Lake Titicaca
3 hours