Chincha attractions

Museum in Chincha

Casa-Hacienda San José

Provoking many visitors to make the trip all the way down from Lima, this former slave plantation with its stately hacienda offers a window into race and class in the Peruvian historical context. While the buildings…
Village in Chincha

El Carmen District

A village unlike any other in Peru, El Carmen is a place where African and Latin American cultures collide with hip-gyrating results. It's famed for its rhythm-heavy Afro-Peruvian music heard in the peñas (bars and …
Cultural Centre in Chincha

Centro Cultural Amador Ballumbrosio

The home of El Carmen’s most famous dancing family is a museum to Afro-Peruvian culture. Music breaks out here spontaneously most weekends; pop in if you’re in the village to view the photos and paintings and see wh…