Top things to do in Chimbote

Seafood in Chimbote

Mar & Luna

This retro-pop pub cranks out the hits from the '70s, '80s and '90s, and serves up plentiful seafood favorites such as ceviche and chupe de cangrejo (crab chowder). There's a giant guitar on the ceiling that pays tr…
Peruvian in Chimbote

Restaurant Paola

This popular bright corner bistro is decked out in smart red and black motifs and serves sandwiches and light meals, in addition to more filling traditional plates. High quality and very reasonable prices.
Grill in Chimbote

Restaurant Venecia

A local institution, this corner restaurant is the place to go for chunks of grilled meaty goodies, seafood and breakfasts.
Cafe in Chimbote


A local institution, Rebachinni does real coffee, good breakfasts and a selection of hot and cold sandwiches, including a great lomo saltado (braised beef with onions) version, in addition to a delicious selection o…
Chinese in Chimbote

Hostel Chifa Canton

This hotel's restaurant serves up excellent Chinese food at affordable prices.
Cafe in Chimbote

Capuccino Café

Try this little cafe for espresso and higher-end Peruvian fusion.