Top Choice Peruvian in Chiclayo

Cafe 900

Live music, slowly spinning ceiling fans, exposed wood and adobe that connect you with the elements are the hallmarks of the best bar-slash-cafe-slash-restaurant in Chiclayo. It's certainly tops on ambiance, and the…
Peruvian in Chiclayo

Fiesta Chiclayo Gourmet

Few things are as satisfying as scraping those last bits of slightly charred rice off the bottom of an iron-clad pan and savoring all that’s great about a rice dish like arroz con pato a la chiclayana, made here wit…
Peruvian in Chiclayo

Restaurant Romana

This popular place serves a bunch of different dishes, all of them local favorites. If you’re feeling brave, try the chirimpico for breakfast: it’s stewed goat tripe and organs and is guaranteed to either cure a han…
Seafood in Chiclayo

El Pescador

This little local’s secret packs in the droves for outstanding seafood and regional dishes at laughable prices. The ceviches here are every bit as good as places charging double or even triple the price; and weekend…
Peruvian in Chiclayo

Las Américas

This bright, popular place off the southeast corner of the plaza is a perennial favorite. With ’60s-style red-and-white booths, Las Américas has a varied menu of soups, meats and fish dishes – try the fish in a savo…
Peruvian in Chiclayo


This buzzing, neon-lit young thing whips out local dishes, sandwiches, pizzas and cakes faster than you can blink and is filled every night with hungry diners. The upstairs seating is a little quieter. The portions …
Pizza in Chiclayo

Chez Maggy

It’s not how Papa Giuseppe used to make it, but the wood-fired pizzas at this Peruvian small-chain restaurant have a pretty darn good crust and fresh toppings. They have convenient personal-size pizzas for solo dine…
Peruvian in Chiclayo


This flashy, contemporary and bright two-story restaurant is a luxury pollería (restaurant specializing in roast chicken). They have a fairly complete tourist menu that'll keep you well energized.
Peruvian in Chiclayo

Restaurant el Huaralino

One of Chiclayo’s most upscale restaurants, this place serves good Chiclayan specialties, criollo dishes and international cuisine. Bonus brownie points for some of the cleanest bathrooms in Peru.
Peruvian in Chiclayo

La Parra

There are two restaurants side by side here; one is a chifa and the other is a grill, but they share an entrance and a kitchen. Go figure.