In 1987 a royal Moche tomb at Sipán, 30km southeast of Chiclayo, was located by researchers. This find proved to be extraordinary, as archaeologists recovered hundreds of dazzling and priceless artifacts from the site. Excavation continues. Partly because of these rare treasures, the Chiclayo area has single-handedly cornered the Peruvian market for exceptionally well-designed museums; a case in point is the excellent Bruning Museum in Lambayeque, 11km north of Chiclayo. Other sites worth visiting are the ruins at Túcume, another great museum in Ferreñafe, as well as a number of coastal villages.

The Plaza de Armas is a great place to amble as it fills nightly with sauntering couples, evangelical preachers and an army of underemployed shoe shiners.

Travelers with kids might want to check out the children’s playground at the west end of Aguirre.