Chavín de Huántar restaurants

Top Choice Peruvian in Chavín de Huántar


Churning out sophisticated dishes that outpunch its location’s weight class, Buongiorno is a pleasant surprise in a cordial garden setting. The lomo a la pimienta, a Peruvian fave of grilled steak in wine, cream and…
Peruvian in Chavín de Huántar

Chavín Turístico

A solid option, especially for trucha al ajo (garlic trout) and trout sudado (in sauce), this place has rickety tables around a tiny courtyard and a chalkboard of traditional dishes. The food doesn't lack flavor, an…
Breakfast in Chavín de Huántar

Cafetería Renato

For simple international breakfasts alongside homemade yogurt, cheese and manjar blanco (homemade caramel spread), head to this better-than-it-looks cafe done out like a cowboy corral with saddles slung over walls a…