Top Choice Archaeological Site in Chavín de Huántar

Chavín de Huántar

The quintessential site of Peru's Mid–Late Formative Period (c 1200–500 BC), Chavín de Huántar is the most intriguing of the many relatively independent, competitive ceremonial centers constructed throughout the cen…
Museum in Chavín de Huántar

Museo Nacional de Chavín

This outstanding museum, funded jointly by the Peruvian and Japanese governments, houses most of the intricate tenon heads carved with horror-stricken expressions from Chavín de Huántar, as well as the magnificent T…
Viewpoint in Chavín de Huántar

Mirador de Shallapa

After admiring the Chavin ruins from ground (and underground) level, you can climb up to this trio of crosses grafted onto a crag high above town for a full view of the archaeological site. Walk four blocks north of…