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Top Choice Bar in Chachapoyas

La Reina

An artsy spot to lubricate your mind very cheaply on exotic fruit and Amazonian liqueurs by the shot (S1.50) or the jar (from S18). There are 11 to choose from, including mora (blackberry), the most popular; maracuy…
Top Choice Peruvian in Chachapoyas

El Batan de Tayta

This hip bar-restaurant serves creative versions of traditional dishes and great fusion cuisine, plated with style on pieces of granite and inverted terracotta roof tiles. Try the arroz shutito con bife y chica de j…
Museum in Chachapoyas

Instituto Nacional de Cultura Museo

This small museum on the plaza houses mummies found throughout the region, plus ceramics from several pre-Columbian periods and one of the original sarcophagi from Karajía.
in Chachapoyas

Café Café

A popular, flashy and bright little place under Hotel Puma Urco doing simple sandwiches (S2 to S6), sweet cakes and hot beverages.
Desserts in Chachapoyas

Dulcería Santa Elena

The crotchety old man here serves the town’s best pastries and cakes; if he likes you, though, he might throw something in for free.
in Chachapoyas

Panificadora San José

This bakery features a few tables where you can enjoy a tamal, humita (mashed corn dumpling filled with spiced beef, vegetables and potatoes) or sandwich with coffee for breakfast, and snacks and desserts all day. B…
in Chachapoyas

Chifa Chuy Xien

Behold, the town’s best (only?) Chinese restaurant.
in Chachapoyas


This is an old standby on the plaza – service is slooooow, but the meals are reliable.
in Chachapoyas


This pizzeria dedicates itself to homemade pasta and pies, served in a casual dining room that is popular with locals as well as gringos.
in Chachapoyas


Specializing in parrilladas (meats cooked on an open flame), Marlissa’s grill experts will deliver a sizzling platter of beef, chicken and sausage to your table. They also specialized in cuy (guinea pig) cooked in s…