El Batan de Tayta

Top choice amazonian in Chachapoyas

Exotic is the word here, from the decor (Amazonian creepers, bamboo table umbrellas and furry seat covers), to the food (‘drunk’ guinea pig, duck and edible ants in a vanilla and cognac cocktail!) and the implements it’s served on (model boats, mini-drums, or if you’re lucky, a terra-cotta roof tile). Despite the theatrics, the food is plentiful and well executed.

Try the arroz shutito con bife y chica de jora (creamy rice with tenderloin and a touch of maize liquor) or house specialty cuy borracho (literally 'drunk guinea pig' with Andean potatoes and herb sauce).

There's even a few boring dishes (eg pasta) on the menu if you don’t happen to like insects or inebriated rodents.