Chachapoyas attractions

Village in Chachapoyas


The tiny and agreeably unkempt village of Huancas (pronounced like the English ‘wankers’!) has a small artisan community making clay pots the old-fashioned way. You can watch the local potters at work in a couple of…
Viewpoint in Chachapoyas

Mirador Cañón del Sonche

The joy of this steep-sided canyon that cuts like a deep gash through the Northern Highlands is that you’re barely aware it’s there until you are practically standing on its lip. Pay the entry fee at a small cabin a…
Museum in Chachapoyas

Instituto Nacional de Cultura Museo

This small museum on the Plaza de Armas houses mummies found throughout the region, plus ceramics from several pre-Columbian periods and one of the original sarcophagi from Karajía.
Church in Chachapoyas


This whitewashed church, officially known as the Catedral San Juan Bautista, sits on the Plaza de Armas. Its heavy black wooden doors rarely seem to open outside mass.
Viewpoint in Chachapoyas

Mirador Luya Urco

A 10-minute stroll northwest along Salamanca brings you to this modest lookout with a city panorama.