Bus in Ayacucho

Combis to Andahuaylas

Several combi (minibus) companies on Pasaje Cáceres offer departures to Andahuaylas (S30, five hours). There is absolutely nothing to differentiate them, and no real need to purchase tickets in advance. Departures a…
Train Station in Huancayo

Chilca Train Station

The Chilca train station for Huancavelica is at the southern end of town. Unlike the Huancayo–Lima line, the run to Huancavelica is still very much a real passenger service, and very much recommended as an experienc…
Bus Stop in Tarma

Estadio Unión

Flag down a passing combi (minibus) or colectivo (shared transportation) to Acobamba or La Merced from here. The problem is that some are already full by the time they reach this part of town; there are buses in Ter…
Bus Station in Andahuaylas

Terminal Terrestre

Andahuaylas' main bus terminal, sitting just southwest of the center alongside the river. Ayacucho and Cuzco via Abancay are the main destinations served. Buses also run to Lima from here. Bus-company ticket counter…
Bus in Andahuaylas

Expreso los Chankas

Runs daily services to Cuzco via Abancay in the evenings, between 7pm and 8:30pm. There are also morning and evening services to Ayacucho. The company has an office in Terminal Terrestre but buses depart from its ow…
Bus in Ayacucho

Cruz del Sur

Top-notch, comfortable service to Lima with meals included at prices starting from around S70.
Bus Station in Huancavelica

Terminal Terrestre

Behind the hospital known as EsSalud Red Asistencial, this relatively new terminal is a point of departure for transport to Lima and often Ayacucho. It is deserted in the daytime, as almost all services to Lima and …
Airport in Jauja


Jauja's Francisco Carle Airport receives daily flights from Lima courtesy of LATAM and Peruvian following a recent expansion, and is the closest airport for Huancayo, Tarma and the selva central (Central Amazon) tow…
Bus Station in Ayacucho

Terminal Terrestre Totora

Colectivo (shared transportation) taxis and buses to Julcamarca and Lircay leave from here. From these destinations you can arrange onward transportation to Huancavelica via a little-used back road. A taxi to the st…
Bus Station in Ayacucho

Terminal Terrestre Zona Sur

The main destination of note heading off from here is the ruins of Vilcashuamán. All manner of vehicles here ply the route, with prices ranging from S20 in a combi (shared transportation) to S30 in a coletivo (minib…