Central Highlands drinking and nightlife

Bar in Ayacucho


First things first: enthusiastically run Yaku is not just a bar with a lovely balcony overlooking the Plaza de Armas: it's a live-music venue, it's a restaurant, it brews its own beer, it has table football – and it…
Bar in Huánuco


Fun, popular and serves a range of cocktails, including some aphrodisiac specials. There's also a branch in Tingo María.
Bar in Ayacucho

Taberna Magía Negra

It’s been around longer than most and the youth of today prefer the newer venues but this bar-gallery still has local art, beer, pizza and great music.
Karaoke in Tarma

La Cachina Karaoke

With a spirited bar and karaoke on Tarma's nice new malecón (pedestrian walkway), this is the favorite going-out spot of the moment.
Bar in Tingo María

El Trapiche

A stylishly rustic venue, El Trapiche is stacked to the gills with bottles and serves a dangerously extensive array of aphrodisiac cocktails.
Cocktail Bar in Ayacucho


An intriguing mix of cocktails are served, DJs provide the music (reggaetón, salsa) most nights and the atmosphere is buzzing.
Bar in Huancayo

El Galileo

Locals love this fairly safe, central disco-bar (dance bar) which features live music a couple of times per week.
Club in Huancayo


New, safe and centrally located dance club.
Bar in Tarma

La Colonia ‘H’

A good, relaxed place for a beer or three.
Bar in Huánuco


The house sangria is great and the place is nicely designed. A pity no one seems to come here these days.