Must-see nightlife in Central Highlands

  • Yaku

    First things first: enthusiastically run Yaku is not just a bar with a lovely balcony overlooking the Plaza de Armas: it's a live-music venue, it's a…

  • Trapiche

    Fun, popular and serves a range of cocktails, including some aphrodisiac specials. There's also a branch in Tingo María.

  • Taberna Magía Negra

    It’s been around longer than most and the youth of today prefer the newer venues but this bar-gallery still has local art, beer, pizza and great music.

  • La Cachina Karaoke

    With a spirited bar and karaoke on Tarma's nice new malecón (pedestrian walkway), this is the favorite going-out spot of the moment.

  • El Trapiche

    A stylishly rustic venue, El Trapiche is stacked to the gills with bottles and serves a dangerously extensive array of aphrodisiac cocktails.

  • Museo

    An intriguing mix of cocktails are served, DJs provide the music (reggaetón, salsa) most nights and the atmosphere is buzzing.

  • El Galileo

    Locals love this fairly safe, central disco-bar (dance bar) which features live music a couple of times per week.

  • Insomnico

    New, safe and centrally located dance club.

  • Alambique

    The house sangria is great and the place is nicely designed. A pity no one seems to come here these days.