Must-see attractions in Central Highlands

  • Reserva Nor Yauyos-Cochas

    A huge, iconic Andean smorgasbord of glimmering blue-green mountain lakes nestled within towering peaks and home to the Pariacaca Glacier. You’ll need…

  • Templo Compañía de Jesús

    This church has two fine bell towers and, in the body of the structure supporting them, striking embossings and motifs. It sits on the site of its 1605…

  • Waterfalls

    The hike to these lovely cascades is good for walking off the huge platters of meat at La Choza de Omar at the bottom of the path. Follow the river up a…

  • Plaza Moré

    A square of shops and restaurants tucked back from the pedestrian street, with a better quality of establishments than the similar Centro Turístico…

  • Iglesia San Francisco

    This is Huánuco’s most appealing church, with its mustard-colored duel cupolas, lavish baroque-style altars and interesting escuela cuzqueña (Cuzco school…

  • Parque de la Identidad Huanca

    This fanciful park is full of stone statues of famous regional personalities, as well as miniature buildings representing the area’s culture. It's in the…

  • Iglesia de Santo Domingo

    One of Ayacucho's most photogenic churches, dating from 1548. Purportedly built with the stone of a former Inca fortress, it contains some superb examples…

  • Cerro de la Libertad

    A popular recreational and dining locale with a great view of the city, as well as artwork stalls and a playground. It's about 2km from the town center;…

  • Mirador de Carmen Alto

    This mirador (lookout) offers fabulous views of Ayacucho, as well as decent restaurants. Taxis here charge S5, otherwise catch a bus from the Mercado…

  • Iglesia de San Cristóbal

    Attention is due to the building work on this two-towered church, containing several escuela cuzqueña (Cuzco school) paintings, but its beauty still…

  • Iglesia de La Merced

    This church, built in the mid-16th century, is full of colonial art and has one of Peru’s oldest convents attached, dating from the same period.

  • Iglesia de La Inmaculada

    With its duel cupolas capped in sky-blue, this may be a modern place of worship (built 1965), but it is also one of Huancayo's prettier churches.

  • Hualhuas

    This Río Mantaro handicrafts village on the east side of the valley is known for its wool products, including ponchos and weavings.

  • San Jerónimo de Tunán

    This Río Mantaro valley handicrafts village on the east side of the valley is known for its filigree silverwork.

  • Iglesia Matriz de Santa Fe

    This cathedral on the main Plaza de Armas in Jauja is nice to look at, with finely carved wooden altars inside.

  • Iglesia de La Merced

    Huancayo's most attractive church, built in colonial style, and seat of the first Congress of Peru in 1839.

  • San Agustín de Cajas

    This Río Mantaro handicrafts village on the east side of the valley is known for its wicker furniture.