Top Choice Pizza in Caraz

La Pizza del Abuelo

Most visitors to Caraz, descending from the clouds after trekking at high altitudes, crave carbohydrates. Enter the Abuelo (grandfather), a dark woody restaurant that plies what they call Argentinian-style pizzas wi…
International in Caraz

Entre Panes

This gourmet bistro with checkered tablecloths and colorful blackboard menus is a respite from the usual suspects. It serves up interesting sandwiches (as its name implies) including sesame pork and lomo saltado (st…
Cafe in Caraz

Café de Rat

Don’t mind the name, the menu has been cleared of rodents. What remains is sandwiches, pasta – and, most popular of all – pizza. The cafe is run by Alberto of Pony Expeditions (downstairs) and is something of a trav…
Cafe in Caraz

Café La Terraza

The ambiance might be a bit wooden, but this doesn't stop the locally loved Terraza filling up at lunchtime for three-course S8 meals, or anything else on its extensive but reasonably priced menu (pizza, pancakes, t…
Breakfast in Caraz

Cafetería El Turista

A super place to grab an early breakfast, this tiny five-table cafe is a one-woman show run by the exuberant Maria. She’ll talk your ear off about your travels and hers while plonking down eggs. freshly-blended frui…
Ice Cream in Caraz

Heladería Caraz Dulzura

Flush on the plaza. this locally-favored spot is packed on hot days for its homemade ice cream, which comes in classic flavors with some fruity injections.
Peruvian in Caraz

Pollería Jeny

Good set lunches and the best chicken in town attract the indigent; slightly pricier à la carte items include steak and trout. Breakfast, snacks and sandwiches are also available.