Cañón Del Colca restaurants

Buffet in Chivay

El Balcon De Don Zacarias

There are buffets galore catering to captive tour-group diners but this large restaurant on a corner of the Plaza de Armas stands out for the freshness of dishes such as alpaca steaks and the abundance of meat-free …
Peruvian in Chivay


Maybe it’s the altitude, but the lomo saltado (strips of beef stir-fried with onions, tomatoes, potatoes and chili) here tastes worthy of star chef Gastón Acurio. The sweet service is backed up by even sweeter cakes…
International in Cabanaconde

Restaurante Las Terrazas

Not much to look at, but pizza, pasta, sandwiches and cheap cuba libres (rum and cola) are offered here overlooking the main square and its bucolic donkey traffic. There’s also a computer terminal charitably offerin…