Pizza in Cajamarca

Vaca Loca

Set in an inviting colonial house with a warm paint job, the Mad Cow pays homage to the local dairy culture with bovine print furniture and cow art. But the reason to come here is for the quality pies – they're cove…
Fast Food in Cajamarca

This wildly popular, hipster hamburger and sandwich joint features an extensive menu of handheld drunken eats. It has 16 varieties of burgers and another half dozen sauces – the combinations are staggering. The tast…
Pizza in Cajamarca

New York Pizza

OK, it’s not real New York pizza, but then again nothing else is. They still make a great pie though, as the yummy smells wafting down the street will verify. They get double bonus points for their delivery service.
Cafe in Cajamarca

Cascanuez Café Bar

A nice cafe for breakfast and light meals but most folks flock here for a decadent means to their sweet-tooth ends – nine varieties of tres leches cake alone (try chocolate).
Pizza in Cajamarca

El Marengo

The wood-fired brick oven heats the entirety of this tiny pizzeria and the best pie in town comes out. Squeeze in, get a pitcher of sangria and call it a night.