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The airport is 4km outside town off the road to Otuzco. Taxis charge S10 into downtown. The combination of difficult terrain and frequent heavy rains mean cancellations and delays are fairly common here. Reconfirm your flight before heading out to the airport. It would be unwise to book tight connections when leaving from Cajamarca.

Frequent combis (minibuses) heading for Otuzco pass the airport (S1, 10 minutes). You can catch them from the corner of Tayabambo and Los Gladiolos, near the market district. Warning: they can be crowded.

LC Perú Most economical but least reliable operator with two daily flights to Lima (US$100, 1¼ hours) leaving at 7:15am and 5pm.

LATAM Has two to three daily flights from Cajamarca to Lima (US$135, 1¼ hours).


Cajamarca continues its ancient role as a crossroads, with buses heading to all four points of the compass. Most bus terminals are close to cuadra (block) 3 of Atahualpa, about 1.5km southeast of the center (not to be confused with the Atahualpa in the town center), on the road to Los Baños del Inca.

The major route is westbound to the Carretera Panamericana near Pacasmayo on the coast, then north to Chiclayo (six hours) or south to Trujillo (six hours) and Lima (15 hours).

The old southbound road is paved and travel on this route is no longer a bone-rattling nightmare. Frequent services head to Cajabamba (three hours) from where onward buses travel to Huamachuco and Trujillo.

The rough northbound road to Chota (five hours) passes through wild and attractive countryside via Bambamarca, which has a busy market on Sunday morning. Buses connect Chota to Chiclayo along a rough road.

The staggeringly scenic eastbound road winds to Celendín, then bumps its way across the Andes, past Chachapoyas and down into the Amazon lowlands.

Combis (minibuses) for Ventanillas de Otuzco (S1, 20 minutes) leave from the corner of Tayabambo and Los Gladiolos, near the market district. These pass the airport, although jamming yourself into a crowded van with your backpack will require some finesse and diplomacy. Combis for Los Baños del Inca (S1, 25 minutes) leave frequently from the corner of Del Batán and Chanchamayo. Both Otuzco (8km) and Baños del Inca (6km) are walkable if you've got the legs for it.

Civa Daily bus to Lima (S60 to S80, 15 hours) at 6:30pm.

Cruz del Sur Nice bus-cama (bed bus) with seat-back screens to Lima (S100 to S120, 16 hours) at 6:30pm.

Línea Has a comfortable Lima-bound bus-cama (S120 to S140, 15 hours) with a departure at 6pm. There are departures to Chiclayo (S25 to S46, six hours) at 10:45am, 1:30pm, 10:50pm and 11pm, and Trujillo (S25 to S50, six hours) at 10:30am, 1pm, 10pm, 10:15pm, 10:30pm and 10:40pm. Línea also has a ticket office on the Plaza de Armas.

Movil Tours Daily bus to Lima (S90 to S110, 15 hours) at 3:50pm. Also a daily bus to Piura (S50 to S70, eight hours) via Chiclayo at 8:45pm.

Tepsa Comfortable bus-cama to Lima (S45, 15 hours) at 6pm.

Transportes Chiclayo Has a Chiclayo-bound bus (S30 to S40, six hours) at 11pm which is good for transferring north to Máncora or Tumbes.

Transportes Rojas Service to Celendín (S10, 2½ hours) at 10am and 3pm. Also service to Cajabamba (S15, three hours, six daily).

Turismo Dias Regular buses to Lima (S50 to S100, 15 hours, four daily), Trujillo (S25 to S40, six hours, four daily) and Chiclayo (S25, 5½ hours, four daily). Buses leave from the Terminal Via de Evitamiento 1370.

Virgen del Carmen Departs at 5am and 5pm daily for Chachapoyas (S50, 11½ hours) via Celendín and Leimebamba. The 5am service carries on to Tarapoto (S80, 19 hours).

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