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Tour of the Port of Callao and fort Real Felipe

The Fortress of the Real Felipe is located in the bay of Callao, the viceroy Jose Antonio Manso de Velasco orders to build all this immense Fortress taking advantage of the stay of three experts in fortification as they were the French Luis Godin and the Spaniards Joseph Amich and Juan Francisco Rossa. The construction of the fortress began on August 1, 1747, and the first stone was placed in the Torreon de la Reina, and was completed in 1774. This fortress has a size of 70000 m2, El Real Felipe is a site museum And has the shape of an irregular pentagon, its towers called King, Queen, San Felipe, San Carlos and San José. Only the bastions of the King and Queen have towers called knights. The Real Felpe fully fulfilled his role of gendarme and defender of the coasts. I stand firm on the threats and attacks of the most famous and feared pirates and corsairs of the time and then, was the scene of events that marked the course of the history of Peru and America.
3 hours