Top things to do in Barranca

Top Choice Archaeological Site in Barranca


Caral culture arose in the Supe Valley some 4500 to 5000 years ago, making it one of the world’s earliest large cities, alongside those in Mesopotamia, Egypt, India and China. This ancient culture was a conglomerati…
Peruvian in Barranca

Gran Chifa Central

While ostensibly a chifa (Chinese) restaurant this busy place, a couple of blocks from the plaza, also serves up some topnotch traditional Peruvian plates. Take your pick from more than 40 different top-value menus.
Ruins in Barranca


The adobe temple of Paramonga, known locally as La Fortaleza, is situated beside the Panamericana Norte, 4km beyond the turnoff for the Huaraz road, and was built by the Chimú culture, which was the ruling power on …
Cafe in Barranca

Cafetería El Parador

This diner attached to Hotel Chavín has a few breakfast combos, watered-down coffee and sandwiches in a classic cafe setting with bar seating, pie displays and plenty of chrome.
Pizza in Barranca


This little corner coffee shop and pizzeria has a large window with views onto the plaza. The fruit juices are excellent, while the sandwiches and pizzas are passable. The service is top-tier.