Cultural & Theme Tours

Local Artisans and Pachacamac Tour

On this Pachacamac Tour, learn more about the fascinating pre-Inca and Inca history of Lima as well as present day Lima! The tour starts with a visit to the impressive archaeological complex of Pachacamac. In the afternoon, the tour goes off the beaten path on a visit of a local neighborhood known for its talented artisans and beautiful handicrafts. You'll share some stories and conversations while having lunch with a local artisan family and visit some of the workshops of the local artisans where they make their beautiful handicrafts.
7.5 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Tambo Colorado Guided Tour from Paracas

Step back in time on a guided tour of Tambo Colorado, a beautifully preserved Inca fortress featuring the high priest’s chambers complete with sacrificial altar. And this moderate half-day tour showcases the historic Pisco Valley where desert dunes contrast with verdant farming villages where centuries-old irrigation techniques are still employed.
4 hours