Top things to do in Around Chiclayo

Top Choice Museum in Lambayeque

Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán

Opened in November 2002, the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipán is the pride of northern Peru – as well it should be. With its burgundy pyramid construction rising gently out of the earth, it’s a world-class facilit…
Museum in Lambayeque

Bruning Museum

This museum, once the regional archaeological showcase, is now overshadowed by the Museo Tumbas Reales de Sipán, but it still houses an excellent collection of artifacts from the Inca, Chimú, Moche, Lambayeque, Vicu…
Museum in Around Chiclayo

Museo Nacional Sicán

Located in Ferreñafe, this splendid museum displays replicas of the 12m-deep tombs found at the Sicán site at Batán Grande, among the largest tombs found in South America. Enigmatic burials were discovered within – …
Peruvian in Lambayeque

El Cantaro

There is often a line outside this popular local restaurant with fantastic typical food and good service. When we were there one diner said that the sudado de pescado (whole fish stew) was the best dish he’d had in …
Wildlife Reserve in Around Chiclayo

Reserva Ecológica Chaparrí Wildlife

This 34,000-hectare private reserve, located 75km east of Chiclayo, was established in 2000 by the community of Santa Catalina and the famous Peruvian wildlife photographer Heinz Plenge. It offers a completely uniqu…
Archaeological Site in Around Chiclayo


This archeaological site, around 30km north of Lambayeque on the Panamericana, is not particularly well known, but it's the most impressive collection of ruins in the region. A vast area, with more than 200 hectares…
Village in Around Chiclayo


The poshest of the beach towns near Chiclayo, Pimentel has a long pier, a broad malecón (boardwalk) fronted by high-end, glassed-in houses, and the nicest beach for miles. Unfortunately the waves here are rarely sur…
Arts & Crafts in Around Chiclayo

Mercado de Monsefú

The village of Monsefú, on the road from Chiclayo to Puerto Etén, is famed throughout the region for its weavers who produce a variety of clothes, hats and handicrafts from natural fibers. Shops selling locally prod…
Peruvian in Lambayeque

El Rincón del Pato

This place gets the thumbs-up from locals who descend en masse to enjoy good ceviches, grills and regional specialties.
Archaeological Site in Around Chiclayo


The story of Sipán reads like an Indiana Jones movie script: buried treasure, huaqueros (grave robbers), police, archaeologists and at least one killing. The archaeological site was discovered by huaqueros from the …