To & From the Airport

There are no airport buses or shared taxis. An official taxi from downtown Arequipa to the airport costs around S15 to S20; and S20 from the airport. This should include the S7.50 airport entrance fee, but be sure to ask. It is possible to take a combi (minibus) marked ‘Río Seco’ or ‘Zamacola’ from Puente Grau and Av Ejército that will let you off in a sketchy neighborhood about 700m from the airport entrance.


Combis (minibuses) go south along Bolívar and Cruz Verde to the Terminal Terrestre (S1, 20 minutes), next door to the Terrapuerto bus terminal, but make sure to ask if they are going directo (direct) or it’ll be a slower 35-minute trip via the market area. A taxi costs about S7.


You can often hire a taxi with a driver for less than renting a car from a travel agency. Local taxi companies include Tourismo Arequipa and Taxitel. A short ride around town costs about S5, while a trip from the Plaza de Armas out to the bus terminals costs about S7. Whenever possible, try to call a recommended company to ask for a pickup as there have been numerous reports of travelers being scammed or even assaulted by taxi drivers. If you must hail a taxi off the street, pick a regular size saloon (sedan) or estate (station wagon) over a compact yellow cab.