Dangers & Annoyances

  • Petty theft is often reported in Arequipa, so hide valuables and keep your stuff in sight while in bars, cafes and restaurants.
  • Take great care in Parque Selva Alegre, north of the city center, as muggings have been reported there.
  • Don't hail taxis from the street. Ask your accommodations or tour operator to call you an official taxi; the extra time and money are worth the added safety.
  • Only pay for tours at a recognized agency and never trust touts in the street – they bamboozle cash out of a surprisingly high number of travelers.

Emergency & Important Numbers

Policía de Turismo May be helpful if you need an official theft report for insurance claims. English speakers available.

Entry & Exit Formalities

Oficina de Migraciónes Come here to apply for a visa extension.

Internet Access

All but the cheapest hotels offer free wi-fi, as do many cafes. Most internet cafes charge about S1.50 per hour. Many also offer cheap local and international phone calls.


There are money changers and ATMs on streets east of the Plaza de Armas. Global ATMs are easy to find in most areas frequented by travelers, including inside the Casona Santa Catalina complex, the bus terminal and the airport. ATM fees charged by each bank vary but are roughly S20 per transaction.

Both BCP and Interbank exchange US traveler’s checks.

BCP Has a Visa ATM and changes US dollars.

Interbank Has a GlobalNet ATM that accepts most international cards.


Tourist Information

Indecopi National tourist-protection agency.

iPerú English-speaking staff give excellent information on local and regional attractions. Also has an office at the airport.