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Cusco to Puno via Andahuaylillas and Raqch'i

We want to offer to you a great tour on board of a comfortable tourist bus. This tour includes visits to the most important attractions between Cusco and Puno know as the town of Andahuaylillas and its beautiful colonial church known as the Sistine Chapel of America. The archaeological complex of Raqchi built in honor of the god Viracocha, the museum of Pucara.
1 day
Day Trips & Excursions

Shared Southern Valley tour

The Southern Valley of Cusco is full of curious myths and great archaeological sites from the times of the Incas. Visit the beautiful temple of Tipon and its irrigation system, the interesting site of Piquillacta and the Sistine Chapel of the Americas, Andahuaylillas.
4 hours
Private & Custom Tours

South valley of Cusco in PRIVATE visit Tipon, Pikillaqta, Andahuaylillas, Raqchi

We will pick them up 30 minutes before the start of the Valle Sur Cusco Tour, from their respective hotels to drive them to the southeast of the city of Cusco, then visit attractions such as: Tipón, owner of 12 impressive terraces of fertile land and a source of water, which together constitute a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering. ; Pikillaqta, satellite city of the Wari Culture, has a very harmonious geometric design; Andahuaylillas, considered as the "Sistine Chapel" of the Americas, for the quality of the works of art found inside and Raqchi was a settlement of houses and temples incas dedicated to Wiracocha (or Huiracocha), the creator god of the world according to many Andean cultures. It is believed that Raqchi was built during the governments of the Incas Huiracocha, Pachacútec and Túpac Yupanqui during most of the 15th century.
10 hours
Private & Custom Tours

South Valley Tour - Half Day - Private Service

The South Valley tour Cusco, includes visits to the most important attractions between Cusco and Puno. Being the first to explore the extraordinary archaeological complex of Raqchi near Vilcanota river built in honor of the god Viracocha followed by the beautiful temple of Tipon in Tipon near Puno, where the Incas constructed an impressive irrigation system in harmony with nature. In addition, the South Valley tour Cusco, will take you to the Pre-Inca site of Piquillacta built by the Wari culture and the colonial Sistine Chapel of the Americas, in Andahuaylillas. In the South valley tour, Cusco, you will also pass several towns which are well know for their fabulous gastronomy festivals on organic food and guinea pigs.
5 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Tipon Pikillacta and Andahuaylillas Day Tour from Cusco

The south valley tour of Cuzco shows you the highlights of the amazing Inca Empire. Tipon, the water channels thought to have been used as a ceremonial center to worship water. Andahuaylillas, considered the Sistine Chapel of South America. Finally Pikillacta, the only pre-Inca site in the Cusco area.
6 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Puno to Cusco Full-Day Tour with Juliaca, Ayaviri and Pucara

Enjoy this full day tour from Puno to Cusco by visiting places like Juliaca, Pucara, Ayaviri, Sicuani, Raqchi and Andahuaylias!
8 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Sun Route From Cusco

This tour offers you an excursion aboard a comfortable bus, and includes visits to the most important attracions in Cusco and Puno. You will get to see the town of Andahuaylillas and its beautiful colonial church. We will see the ruins of Raqchi, the museum of Pucara, and other important sites along the journey.
1 day
Transfers & Ground Transport

Bus Ticket from Puno to Cusco

We have modern buses to transport tourist service, Our companies  have all the standards of both safety and quality to provide the best service experience in ground transportation from and to Puno, passing through four tourist places of which we assure you will not be bored, thanks to their history, culture and countless beautiful landscapes that can be found on this area.
1 day
Tours & Sightseeing

Full Day Tour to the South Valley of Cusco

The South of Cusco was a very important area for the development of the Inca Empire! Around 30 km in the South of Cusco you will find the city Tipon, which was a very important religious center for the ancient Incas and is equipped with a great irrigation system! Also, you will be able to explore a pre-Inca metropolis, an extraordinary planned urban city called Piquillaqta, where you will see apartments, parks and a great temple. This tour will take half a day, approximately 5 hours.
5 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Cultural Tour Around Cusco, Peru

This is a day trip to some of the impressive sites outside of Cusco City. The Andahuaylillas Church, the irrigations site of the Incas Tipon and the Piquillacta are all great sites to visit around Cusco • Feast your eyes on the beautiful Andahuaylillas Church • Explore pre-Inca Ruins at Piquillaqta • Familiarize yourself with traditional Peruvian culture
5 hours