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Top Choice Italian in Andahuaylas

Pizzeria il Gato

The coziest, friendliest pizzeria you ever did see. Chunky wood tables, heavenly pizza served on boards, and pictures of the department (province) of Apurímac on the walls, interspersed with local children's drawing…
Ruin in Andahuaylas


The imposing hilltop site of Sondor, constructed by the Chanka people, stands a couple of kilometers past the end of Laguna de Pacucha. The Chanka were traditional enemies of the Incas, but evidently shared their ap…
Peruvian in Andahuaylas

Puma de Piedra

Simply the best for local grub, whether that is trucha (trout) from a local lake or pachamanca (various meats and tubers cooked with hot stones in the ground). This is where you want to be when it gets hot in Andahu…
Rock Formation in Andahuaylas

Bosque de Piedras de Pampachiri

A stunning bosque de piedras (rock forest) standing out of a plain in surreal, conical shapes. The village of Pampachiri, about 2½ hours' drive south of Andahuaylas, is the jump-off point for visits; you can ask at …
Lake in Andahuaylas

Laguna de Pacucha

Backed by sweeping pine forests, this lake is a wonderful watery weekend escape for locals; the rest of the time, it's a very quiet place. In the lakeside village of Pacucha, and then heading counterclockwise around…
Fiesta in Andahuaylas

Fiesta de Yahuar

The annual Fiesta de Yahuar (Blood Feast) is held on July 28, when traditional dances and music are performed. In the village of Pacucha, the festival rather barbarically includes lashing a condor to the back of a b…
Cafe in Andahuaylas

El Portal

Good coffee makes the rough journey out to Andahuaylas worth it. More substantial plates of food are available at this rather pleasant cafe for S10.
Cafe in Andahuaylas

Inka Aroma

Another damned fine coffee and cake spot on the Plaza de Armas, this one with a cool, modern vibe – and wi-fi.