Top things to do

Top Choice Area in Iquitos


At the southeast end of town is the floating shantytown of Belén, consisting of scores of huts, built on rafts, which rise and fall with the river. During the low-water months, these rafts sit on the river mud and a…
Top Choice International in Iquitos

Amazon Bistro

This is laid out with TLC by the Belgian owner with a New York–style breakfast bar (OK, Amazon version thereof) and upper-level mezzanine seating looking down on the main eating area. The cuisine refuses to be pidge…
Top Choice Peruvian in Puerto Maldonado

Burgos's Restaurante

This has quickly developed into Puerto Maldonado’s stand-out restaurant. It calls itself an exponent of Novo Amazonica cuisine – that’s like Novo Andino, only making those bold culinary adaptations to jungle dishes …
Top Choice Market in Iquitos

Belén Mercado

There are great eats at Iquitos’ markets, particularly the Belén mercado where a menú, including jugo especial (jungle juice) costs S5. Look out for specialties including meaty Amazon worms, ishpa (simmered sabalo f…
Top Choice Museum in Iquitos

Historical Ships Museum

Moored below Plaza Castilla is the diverting new Historical Ships Museum, on a 1906 Amazon riverboat, the gorgeously restored three-deck Ayapua. The exhibitions reflect the Amazon River's hodgepodge past: explorers,…
Top Choice Fusion in Iquitos

Al Frio y al Fuego

Take a boat out to this floating foodie paradise in the middle of the mouth of the Río Itaya to sample some of the city’s best food. The emphasis is on river fish (such as the delectable doncella), but the parrillas…
Top Choice Cafe in Pucallpa

C’est Si Bon

This bright plaza-abutting spot does Pucallpa’s best coffee. Also head here for breakfasts, good ice cream, sandwiches and many other tasty snacks.
Wildlife Reserve in Around Iquitos

Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm

A visit to the fascinating Pilpintuwasi Butterfly Farm is highly recommended. Ostensibly this is a conservation and breeding center for Amazonian butterflies. Butterflies aplenty there certainly are, including the s…
Traditional Music in Iquitos

San Juan

This is the big annual debauch, a festival that has grown around the saint’s day of San Juan Bautista (St John the Baptist) on June 24 (the main party day). It’s celebrated in most Amazon towns but Iquitos honors th…
Tower in Puerto Maldonado


Although this strangely cosmic blue building was designed as a modern mirador (lookout tower), its 30m height unfortunately does not rise high enough above the city for viewers to glimpse the rivers. The view is sti…