Amazon Basin shopping

Coffee in San Ramón & La Merced

Chanchamayo Highland Coffee

Here you can sample and buy the coffee for which Chanchamayo is famous. (Peru is one of the world’s largest coffee producers but nearly all gets exported.) It’s a tad gimmicky but enjoyable, and besides the shop, yo…
Food in Oxapampa


Peru won't wow you with its cheese – unless you find your whey to Oxapampa. Come to the factory shop here and, besides purchasing a few flavorsome cheeses, you might get lucky with a factory tour.
Market in San Ramón & La Merced

Mercado de San Luis de Shuaro

This weekend market is at San Luis de Shuaro 40km from La Merced.
Arts & Crafts in Iquitos

Mercado de Artesanía San Juan

Craft market: out of town on the road to the airport.
Market in San Ramón & La Merced


La Merced's daily market.
Arts & Crafts in Iquitos

Craft Stands

Craft stands selling handicrafts on the malecón.