Best restaurants in Amazon Basin

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Yarinacocha

    Cafe Elixir

    You don't find this sort of cafe very often in Peru, let alone in Yarinacocha. Lovely coffee (the city's best), freshly squeezed juices and 100% homemade food are all served at reasonable prices. Some of the creative, veggie and vegan-friendly concoctions include Peruvian or Jamaican curry (go and find out) as well as the house take on pad thai.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Iquitos

    Le Bateau Ivre

    This is laid out with TLC by the Belgian owner with a New York–style breakfast bar (OK, Amazon version thereof) and upper-level mezzanine seating looking down on the main eating area. The cuisine refuses to be pigeon-holed: there’s Argentine steaks, not to mention the Belgian influence, creeping across in the crepes, the escargot and the range of Belgian beers.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Puerto Maldonado

    Burgos's Restaurante

    This has quickly developed into Puerto Maldonado’s standout restaurant. It calls itself an exponent of Novo Amazonica cuisine – that’s like Novo Andino, only making those bold culinary adaptations to jungle dishes − but this is still more about dependable Peruvian Amazon staples, cooked to perfection rather than with particular innovation.

  • Restaurants in Iquitos

    Espresso Cafe-Bar

    Elegant rubber boom-style refurbishments are all the rage in Iquitos and this 2nd-floor people-watching spot has nailed the vibe. Airy, high-ceilinged and stylishly furnished, the service here is also gracious. Cue, then, the partaking of a delightful range of coffees, infusions, cocktails and cakes as well as sandwiches, well-presented grazing plates of barbecue wings, bruschetta and the like.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Iquitos

    Belén Mercado

    There are great eats at Iquitos’ markets, particularly the Belén mercado where a menú, including jugo especial (jungle juice) costs S5. Look out for specialties including meaty Amazon worms, ishpa (simmered sabalo fish intestines and fat) and sikisapa (fried leafcutter ants; abdomens are supposedly tastiest), and watch your valuables. Another good market for cheap eats is Mercado Central.

  • Restaurants in Iquitos

    Al Frio y al Fuego

    Take a boat out to this floating foodie paradise in the middle of the mouth of the Río Itaya to sample some of the city’s best food. The emphasis is on river fish (such as the delectable doncella), but the parrillas (grills) are inviting, too. The address given is the boat embarkation point.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Iquitos

    Dawn on the Amazon Cafe

    This traveler magnet on the Malecón, with its tempting row of street-front tables, sports a menu divided up into North American, Peruvian, Spanish and Chinese. Travel wherever your taste buds desire but bear in mind that the steamed fresh fish is very good. Ingredients are all non-MSG and those on gluten-free diets are catered for.

  • Restaurants in Pucallpa

    Chez Maggy

    Maggy whips up pizzas nothing short of superb, and from a wood-burning oven. The flavors play up to their names: an 'Amazónico' for example comes with smoked cecina (pork) and pineapple. The interior is cozy, modern and not plasticized like some neighboring restaurants. The unusual, tropical-tasting sangria goes down well with all dishes.

  • Restaurants in Oxapampa


    Formerly dealing in just teas, coffees and light snacks, this enterprising German-Peruvian-owned establishment now combines a first-class butchers with, sensibly, a garden restaurant serving grilled meat. This place brews good beers: a pale ale, a weiss bier and a red ale. Plans are afoot to open Saturday evenings, too.

  • Restaurants in Iquitos

    Karma Cafe

    This chilled atmospheric place does a little bit of everything and does it well: Thai, Greek, Indian, vegetarian, Peruvian, cocktails. It offers a 'make your own' breakfast, a popular happy hour, displays local art and has great live music several nights per week. Travelers seem to adore it: it's always packed.

  • Restaurants in Puerto Maldonado

    El Faro at Wasai Lodge

    A pleasing and popular little spot that charges above-average prices for way-above-average Amazonian food, with a few surprises such as the divine ceviche with camu camu fruit. It overlooks the little plaza with the statue of the faro (lighthouse), hence the name.

  • Restaurants in Iquitos

    ChillOut Carnes y Pescados

    This gets our nod for first prize in the keenly contested battle for number one in the city's cevichería (ceviche restaurant) contest. An air-conditioned interior, a little street-front courtyard and, most crucially of all, delicious, huge platters of ceviche.

  • Top ChoiceRestaurants in Puerto Maldonado

    La Semilla

    Clamber up three flights of stairs to this welcoming open-sided vegetarian restaurant with views over the Plaza de Armas. Here you can get about the best coffee in town, pie de maracuya (like lemon meringue pie with a fruit change) and lovingly prepared salads.

  • Restaurants in Pucallpa

    La Plaza Bar & Grill

    Whilst quiet outside of prime hotel guest eating hours, the hotel restaurant at Casa Andina Select is a slick, modern eatery offering delicious ceviche and other tasty Peruvian Amazonian classics.

  • Restaurants in Yarinacocha

    Parrilladas Orlando's

    This parrilla (grill) place does grilled meat every bit as wonderfully as it claims to: its smoked chicken and pork are particularly divine. That's what 45 years of experience can give you: the edge over the competition!

  • Restaurants in Iquitos


    Taking on the big boys in town and beating them hands down as far as caffeine fixes go, this agreeable little air-conditioned place will do anything from ristretto to Oreo frappes, and do them supremely well.

  • Restaurants in Iquitos

    Gran Maloca

    Enter the bygone world of the rubber-boom days at this atmospheric Amazonian restaurant. Expect silk tablecloths, wall-length mirrors and imaginative regional delicacies such as chupín de pollo (a tasty soup of chicken, egg and rice), Amazon venison with toasted coconut and the scrumptious Loretan omelet (omelet from the Loreto region) with jungle leaves.

  • Restaurants in Puerto Maldonado

    Pizzería El Hornito/Chez Maggy

    'I get knocked down, but I get up again…' this could well be the anthem to this popular upstairs hangout on the Plaza de Armas, which burned to the ground but has gamely risen from the ashes, built with rather less wood this time too. It serves pasta and amply sized, wood-fired pizzas − the best in town.

  • Restaurants in Iquitos

    Ari’s Burger

    On the corner of the Plaza de Armas, this clean, chirpy and brightly lit joint is known locally as gringolandia (gringo land).Two walls are open to the street, allowing great plaza- and people-watching. It’s almost always open and serves American-style fast-food (with cute Amazonian caveats like the burger with paiche, a local fish). Popular with tourists and locals alike.

  • Restaurants in Oxapampa

    Mamá Frida

    Keeping the flame burning for good machine coffee and tantalizing cakes in Oxapampa is this 2nd-floor plaza-fronting gem. It serves simple, tasty lunches like yucca with scrambled eggs and homemade chorizo, and whilst you wait for the grub you can people-watch from the balcony or survey the many photographs interestingly and sometimes hilariously charting the town's recent past.