Checking flights...


Buy a return ticket to avoid getting stranded in Aguas Calientes – outbound trains sell out much quicker than their inbound counterparts. All train companies have ticket offices in the train station, but you can check their websites for up-to-date schedules and ticket purchases.

To Cuzco (three hours), Peru Rail has service to Poroy and taxis connect to the city, another 20 minutes away.

To Ollantaytambo (two hours), both Peru Rail and Inca Rail provide service. Inca Rail offers a ticket with connecting bus service to Cuzco.

To Santa Teresa (via Hidroelectrica Station, 45 minutes), Peru Rail travels at 6:45am, 1:30pm and 3:40pm daily, with other departures for residents only. Tickets (US$33) can only be bought from Aguas Calientes train station on the day of departure, but trains actually leave from the west end of town, outside the police station. You can also do this route as a guided multisport tour. Inca Rail has plans to start operating the route too.


There is no road access to Aguas Calientes. The only buses go from the bus stop (where you can purchase tickets) up the hill to Machu Picchu (round-trip S80, 25 minutes) from 5:30am to 4pm; buses return until 6pm.