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Adventures Ahead

In partnership with Singapore Airlines

The story

Singapore Airlines sought to engage its customers through a social media campaign that would leverage Lonely Planet’s compelling content and encourage travel to their destinations throughout the year.

Client objectives

  • Highlight breadth of destinations serviced by the airline
  • Increase social media following
  • Encourage repeat engagement and user-generated content
  • Inspire future bookings

The idea

Provide a year of travel inspiration.

We decided to do what Lonely Planet does best: inspire travellers to plan their next adventure. Our idea? Create a calendar of amazing travel experiences across each continent, broken out by month. From surfing Bali in June to skiing the Swiss Alps in April, these 120 adventures would represent prime-time places to be throughout the calendar year. To achieve the client's objectives, we made sure each recommended experience was accessible from a destination serviced by the Singapore Airlines network.

Adventures ahead preview1 Adventures ahead preview2 Adventures ahead preview3

The solution

What started as a travel calendar quickly became a multifaceted campaign with several competition elements, a user-generated component to foster a two-way dialogue, and a phased approach to encourage users to revisit, share and engage. Adventures Ahead was hosted on the client's Facebook page and promoted by Singapore Airlines through video, advertising and social media.

Sia screenshot 1 1 Sia screenshot 1 2

Phase 1: user submission

Invite people to submit photos of their adventures.

The incentive? The chance to win a free flight and be featured in the calendar alongside Lonely Planet picks. Users were prompted to submit their entry through an interactive map displaying the airline's extensive network.

Sia screenshot 2 1 Sia screenshot 2 2 Sia screenshot 2 3

Phase 2: calendar reveal

Announce the winners of the photo competition and launch the travel calendar.

To encourage repeat engagement, we released the calendar in three stages over the course of the year. Each stage included four months of adventures and a new chance to win one of four featured trips.

We also chose to shine a spotlight on the user, putting their content front and center. Each grand prize was a trip inspired by a user-submitted experience.

Sia screenshot 3 1 Sia screenshot 3 2

Phase 3: winner advocacy

Provide the winners an opportunity to share their travel experience after the trip.

This turns winners into brand advocates, builds trust within the social community and brings the campaign full circle.

The results

Adventures Ahead has seen excellent user engagement. The submission quality was so high in the first phase that the ratio of Lonely Planet content to UGC for the calendar exceeded 2:1.

Phase 1


page views


photo submissions in the first 6 weeks

Phase 2


page views


contest entries in the first part of Phase 2