Top things to do

Top Choice Brazilian in Asunción

Paulista Grill

One of the city's most famous all-you-can-eat restaurants. There are more than 15 different cuts of mouthwatering meats, salad, pasta and sushi bars to peruse, as well as exotic desserts. Attentive table service.
Top Choice Japanese in Encarnación


This place has top-notch Japanese food and is a deserved local favorite with unbelievable udon, super sushi and tempting tofu dishes. Food fit for a Japanese crown prince.
Top Choice Barbecue in Asunción

Ciervo Blanco

If you're looking for a traditional Paraguayan experience, this place just southeast of the center has it. Juicy asado, traditional music and bottle dancers will keep you entertained.
Top Choice European in Encarnación


With a chef who studied in Paris, formal waiters and a more refined atmosphere than other city restaurants, Milord is widely regarded as the place to be seen by fine diners. The menu is varied and inventive and, des…
Top Choice Pizza in Encarnación


When a restaurant makes the claim that you eat free if you don´t like the food, you can be pretty sure it's going to be good. Benndo offers a mixed menu of Mexican dishes, crazily good pizzas and gigantic sandwiches…
Top Choice Chinese in The Chaco


A real treat and a bit of a surprise considering the location. Out near the airstrip, the Meshin serves probably the best Chinese buffet in the country.
Top Choice Church in Around Asunción

Yaguarón Church

The 18th-century Franciscan church at Yaguarón, 48km southeast of Asunción, is a landmark of colonial architecture that is not to be missed. The simple design of the exterior with its separate wooden bell tower beli…
Cafe in Asunción

Café Literario

Cool air, music, books (of course) and all that jazz. This artsy, comfy café-bookstore is a great place to read, write or imbibe. Excellent café con lechés (coffee with milk).
Desserts in Asunción

Confitería El Molino

With bow-tied waiters and gourmet-style pastries and biscuits, this is one of the sweetest confiterías around. Great for minutas (short orders), snacks and excellent licuados (blended fruit drinks).
Pub in Asunción

Britannia Pub

Casually hip with an air-conditioned international ambiance and outdoor patio, the Brit Pub is a favorite among foreigners and locals alike for its pub grub. It even has its own beer!