Top things to do

Wildlife Reserve in The Chaco

Chaco Lodge

Chaco Lodge is a forest reserve around a large salt lake famous for its flamingos. It is one of the last in the area to dry out, and is accessible only during dry weather. It's a great place to camp. Norbert Epp, th…
Adventure Sports in The Chaco

Transchaco Rally

The Transchaco Rally is a three-day world motorsports competition, said to be one of the toughest on the planet. Book accommodations in advance.
Supermarket in Filadelfia

Cooperativa Fernheim

It's worth a trip to the gigantic, well-stocked Cooperativa Mennonita supermarket. It's amazing how much you can fit under one roof, but you may find yourself the only person paying; the Mennonites deal in credit mo…
Grill in Loma Plata

Chaco’s Grill

A meat merry-go-round awaits, with the salad bar something of an afterthought. They eat well around here, and this calorific smorgasbord is not for the fainthearted.
Chinese in Loma Plata


A real treat and a bit of a surprise considering the location. Out near the airstrip, the Meshin serves probably the best Chinese buffet in the country.
Paraguayan in The Chaco

Parador Pirahú

Nationally famous for its delicious and inventive empanadas, and perfectly located midway between Asunción and the Mennonite Colonies.
Brazilian in Filadelfia


Girasol is a good option that serves delicious all-you-can-eat Brazilian asados (barbecue).
Museum in The Chaco

Fortín Boquerón

Fortín Boquerón is the site of one of the decisive battles of the Chaco War (1932–35). There is an excellent museum, as well as a graveyard of the fallen and a gigantic monument constructed from the original defense…
Museum in Filadelfia

Colonists' Museum

The creaky wooden building that houses the museum is the original colony headquarters. It's filled with a bit of everything, from information about Mennonite history to handmade flamethrowers for combating locusts, …
Museum in Filadelfia

Jakob Unger Museum

The natural-history museum, named after the famous Mennonite naturalist, is stuffed with taxidermied animals and is part of the impressive Filadelfia museum complex.