The Chaco restaurants

Grill in Loma Plata

Chaco’s Grill

A meat merry-go-round awaits, with the salad bar something of an afterthought. They eat well around here, and this calorific smorgasbord is not for the fainthearted.
Chinese in Loma Plata


A real treat and a bit of a surprise considering the location. Out near the airstrip, the Meshin serves probably the best Chinese buffet in the country.
Paraguayan in The Chaco

Parador Pirahú

Nationally famous for its delicious and inventive empanadas, and perfectly located midway between Asunción and the Mennonite Colonies.
Brazilian in Filadelfia


Girasol is a good option that serves delicious all-you-can-eat Brazilian asados (barbecue).