Paraguay shopping

Supermarket in Filadelfia

Cooperativa Fernheim

It's worth a trip to the gigantic, well-stocked Cooperativa Mennonita supermarket. It's amazing how much you can fit under one roof, but you may find yourself the only person paying; the Mennonites deal in credit mo…
Market in Asunción

Mercado Cuatro

Mercado Cuatro is a lively trading lot occupying the wedge formed by the intersection of Avs Francia and Pettirossi and stretching over several blocks. It sells everything from produce to Chinese imports.
Mall in Asunción

Paseo La Galería

Paraguayan malls are more than just shopping centers, and shopping in them is seen as a status symbol. This is Asunción’s newest and glitziest mall.
Mall in Asunción

Shopping del Sol

Shopping del Sol is one of Asunción's biggest and most established malls.
Mall in Asunción

Shopping Mariscal López

A trendy mall and a major city landmark.
Department Store in Loma Plata

Supermercado Cooperativa Chortitzer

The rambling cooperativa contains everything from locally produced cold cuts and vegetables to hiking boots and farming toys for children.
Market in Asunción

Open-Air Market

Stocked with ao po'i or lienzo (loose-weave cotton) garments and other indigenous crafts, it expands considerably on weekends.
Arts & Crafts in Asunción


A good bet for quality Paraguayan handicrafts, though not cheap.