Top Choice Pizza in Encarnación


When a restaurant makes the claim that you eat free if you don´t like the food, you can be pretty sure it's going to be good. Benndo offers a mixed menu of Mexican dishes, crazily good pizzas and gigantic sandwiches…
Deli in Asunción

Lido Bar

Asunción's historic diner is famous for its sidewalk tables opposite the Panteón de los Héroes, making it the city's most popular meeting place. Though it serves a variety of Paraguayan specialties in generous porti…
Sandwiches in Encarnación


Choose your own fillings to knock up gigantic subs or three-tier sandwiches. A great way to eat well for less.
Fast Food in Concepción


Packed with local youths who enjoy decent pizzas, burgers and energy drinks!
Fast Food in Encarnación


Habib's is the best bet for local specialty lomito Arabe.