Two Weeks

  • 2 weeks

Eastern Paraguay is a vibrant mix of slow-moving colonial towns, sultry tropical forests and lively cities. This itinerary takes in a little bit of everything for those with limited time but an unlimited spirit of adventure.

Start with a historical tour of Asunción, take day trips to Yaguarón (for the Franciscan church), Caacupé (for the basilica) and San Bernardino (to mix with high society). From here, head east to the jungle lodge at Mbaracayú Biosphere Reserve. Back in civilization at Ciudad del Este you can do some shopping, or visit the awe-inspiring Itaipú Dam nearby. It's only a short day trip to the breathtaking Salto del Monday, and you'll have time to nip across the border to Brazil and Argentina to compare it with Iguazú Falls. A night in the forest at Hotel Tirol will prepare you for another few days' bird-watching in the wilderness at Parque Nacional San Rafael. After all this moving around, you'll be glad to relax on the Paraná river beach and enjoy the top-class restaurants in trendy Encarnación. It's also a great base for visiting the nearby Jesuit missions of Trinidad and Jesús. When you're ready for a change of scene, cross the international bridge to Posadas, Argentina.