Paraguayans don't need much excuse to have a party and the major cities have a lively nocturnal scene. However, outside of Asunción most of the bar-room action is confined to the weekends. Though you can always buy drinks in restaurants, few bars are open at lunch time, and Sunday is reserved for the family – this usually means drinking around a barbecue.

Paraguayan Tipples

The craft-beer revolution has also arrived in Paraguay. The best local brews are produced by Asunción breweries Herken and Sajonia, and these are becoming more widely available outside of the capital. In southern Paraguay, Sapucai, Volksbier and Kiagus are the local favorites. If you prefer a mass-produced lager, Pilsen and Baviera are the best.

Caña (rum) is the fiery local spirit. Well-known brands include Fortín and Tres Leones.