Best hotels and hostels in Paraguay

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Encarnación

    Casa de la Y Bed & Breakfast

    A tiny homestay with a warm welcome from hostess doña Yolanda and a delicious home-cooked menu of comida típica (local cooking, 25,000G). There are only two rooms: a tasteful, spacious double/triple with gigantic bathroom and a traditionally adorned, expansive family room. The wonderfully floral garden is a cute place to sip tereré in the sunshine. Reservation by email essential.

  • Lodging in Parque Nacional San Rafael​​​​​​​

    Pro Cosara

    The Hostettler family will give you a warm welcome at this charming jungle lodge on the southern tip of the park. As the HQ of local conservation group Pro Cosara, it's a wonderful source of information about the reserve. Accommodations are in comfortable wooden cabins and the surroundings are beautiful, with forest trails and a tantalizing lake for swimming.

  • Top ChoiceLodging in Mbaracayú Biosphere Reserve

    Mbaracayú Eco-lodge

    The best eco-lodge in Paraguay, this is part of an innovative tourism project combining education, conservation, women's empowerment and tourism. The lodge is run by female students at the on-site eco-school, who handle reception, cook, wait and clean, on their way to earning a valuable diploma in hostelry.

  • Lodging in Pilar

    IDEAL Eco-hostel

    Both international hostel and cultural center, there is always something going on at Centro IDEAL. Run by the nonprofit Para La Tierra, all of its proceeds go to social and environmental projects in the local area.

  • Lodging in Encarnación

    Hotel Tirol

    A favorite with the king of Spain, the timeless red-stone Hotel Tirol is set in 20 hectares of humid forest and makes for a great day trip from Encarnación. Over 300 species of bird have been observed here and four inviting swimming pools (nonguests 10,000G) are a great way to cool off after walking the senderos (trails).

  • Lodging in Bahía Negra & The Pantanal Paraguayo

    Tres Gigantes

    The only place to stay in the Pantanal itself, this is an attractive wooden lodge with ceiling fans overlooking the Río Negro, an hour or so west of Bahía Negra by boat. You should reserve your visit in advance with Guyra Paraguay in Asunción to organize a boat transfer. Electricity is by generator only (25,000G per hour).

  • Lodging in Santa María de Fe​​​​​​​

    Santa María Hotel

    A lovely little Jesuit-themed hotel in an old Jesuit building on the plaza. Atmospheric rooms contain replica Jesuit carvings and the owners are knowledgeable local guides who can show you around the town.

  • Lodging in Asunción

    La Misión Hotel Boutique

    A charismatic Jesuit-style boutique hotel close to Shopping Mariscal López. Individually decorated rooms range from minimalist to classy and cozy, and extend to the oddly floral octagon rooms. Rooms are 25% cheaper on weekends.

  • Lodging in Asunción

    Portal del Sol

    Spacious rooms, mammoth breakfast, a pleasant splash pool, good restaurant and airport pickup. Out by the Shopping del Sol in a plush residential area, this is one of the most popular hotels with tour groups, so book ahead.

  • Lodging in Concepción

    Concepción Palace

    Far and away the most upmarket hotel in Concepción, the stylish wood-and-leather rooms have pretensions that reach beyond the dusty streets outside. An impressive pool and the best restaurant in town complete the effect.

  • Lodging in Asunción

    Gran Hotel del Paraguay

    Dripping with the kind of colonial-era luxury that you will either love or hate, this historic hotel is said to be the place where the national anthem was first heard in July 1860. Prices drop during winter.

  • Lodging in Asunción

    Isla Francia

    How many hostels have a pool AND a solarium? This one is in a classic old building with wrought-iron balconies and something of a farmhouse feel to the decor. Excellent attention.

  • Lodging in The Chaco

    Laguna Capitán Dorm Rooms

    Accommodations within the central Chaco lagoons reserve are available in large dorm rooms, with advance booking. There is a kitchen available for use (100,000G per day), but no public transportation to the site – you'll need to find your own way here.

  • Lodging in Encarnación

    Hotel Germano

    Directly opposite the bus terminal, Hotel Germano couldn't be better located for late arrivals. It's a budget spot, but they have done a decent job upgrading many of the rooms. Cheaper rooms only have a ceiling fan: you won't regret paying the extra for air-conditioning in summer!

  • Lodging in Trinidad and Jesús

    Posada María

    One of the Senatur Posadas Turísticas, a project to help local people provide services for the increasing number of tourists visiting Paraguay. This is a charming little posada, spic and span, and just a stone's throw from the reducción. Food is good, too.

  • Lodging in Asunción

    Palmas del Sol

    Despite its location on a noisy central road, this place is a real oasis with a quiet courtyard and tastefully functional rooms. The breakfast is a treat. Relaxing on a poolside sun lounger, you'll feel a million miles from the traffic fumes outside.

  • Lodging in Parque Nacional San Rafael​​​​​​​


    The dorm rooms in the Kangüery grasslands at Guyra Reta lodge are located deep inside San Rafael. Contact Guyra Paraguay in Asunción in advance to arrange your visit, especially if you want to be fed.

  • Lodging in Encarnación

    St Mallorquín

    Conveniently located around the corner from the bus terminal, this hostel has a selection of different dorms in sparsely decorated rooms. Some private rooms are available, but they are a little small. A kitchen is available for guest use.

  • Lodging in Filadelfia

    Hotel Florida

    Orderly and efficient, and by far Filadelfia's nicest accommodations. Variations in room prices refer to the difference between 'new' and 'old' rooms: the newer rooms are nicer and a little larger. The restaurant isn't bad.

  • Lodging in Asunción

    Posada del Cielo

    Colorful Posada del Cielo makes you feel like you are staying in somebody's house, while packing a number of individually decorated rooms into the illusion. Some rooms are a little pokey, though, so ask to see a selection.