Beer in Asunción


The national craftbrewers association runs regular beer-related events, including the annual anniversary party where brewers showcase their creative wares accompanied by live music and traditional Paraguayan food.
Adventure Sports in The Chaco

Transchaco Rally

The Transchaco Rally is a three-day world motorsports competition, said to be one of the toughest on the planet. Book accommodations in advance.
Cultural in Paraguay

Fiesta de San Juan

Celebrated throughout the country with displays of dancing, singing and consumption of traditional Paraguayan food.
Music in Pilar


A huge music festival, the Hawaiiana all-night open-air party is one of Paraguay’s best-kept secrets.
Religious in Caacupé

Día de la Virgen

Caacupé really comes alive on El Día de la Virgen, when crowds of worshipers undertake pilgrimages from all corners of the country to ask the Virgin for favors. As many as 300,000 faithful may crowd onto the plaza d…