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Border Crossings

Getting to Argentina

International buses (5000G) cross to Posadas in Argentina via the Puente San Roque, leaving from outside the bus terminal in Encarnación. You must get off at the immigration offices (24 hours) at both ends of the international bridge for exit and entry stamps. Buses don't always wait – take your luggage and keep your ticket to catch the next one.

An air-conditioned train service (7000G) that departs from Av Von Winkel near the international bridge is the quickest way to cross. Entry and exit formalities take place in the same office on the Argentine side of the border (free, 24 hrs).

Alternatively, picturesque ferries (5000G) cross the Río Paraná from the eastern end of the costanera in Encarnación to the costanera in Posadas.

If you're in a group, a taxi to the Paraguayan customs post will cost around 40,000G, but the price rises exponentially to take it across the bridge as long queues are frequent. The bus may be less convenient, but it has the advantage of being able to skip the lines.