Top things to do in Concepción

Museum in Concepción

Museo del Cuartel de la Villa Real

The museum in the beautifully restored barracks exhibits historical and war paraphernalia. The attack on Mato Grosso, Brazil, was launched from here during the War of the Triple Alliance.
Museum in Concepción

Museo de Arqueología Industrial

If machines rev you up, this open-air museum down the middle of Concepcion's main avenue features an assortment of antique industrial and agricultural mechanisms.
Monument in Concepción

María Auxiliadora

Concepcion's most eye-catching monument is the enormous statue of María Auxiliadora (Virgin Mary), which towers over the northern end of the main avenue.
Fast Food in Concepción


Packed with local youths who enjoy decent pizzas, burgers and energy drinks, finished off with a bowl of ice cream.