Top things to do in Ciudad del Este

Monument in Ciudad del Este

Monumento Bertoni

A family of Swiss immigrants led by father Moisés, the Bertonis had the idea of breeding a community of scientists deep in the Paraguayan jungle at the turn of the 20th century. With each child given a branch of the…
Waterfall in Ciudad del Este

Salto del Monday

This impressive 80m-high waterfall, located 10km south of Ciudad del Este, suffers from its close proximity to Iguazú Falls on the other side of the border. If you have time on your hands, it's well worth the visit,…
Chinese in Ciudad del Este


If you haven't had a decent Chinese meal for a while you may go gaga over Gugu's. It's great value and pretty tasty; portions serve two.
Bistro in Ciudad del Este


This unusual eatery features a triple menu (pizza, sushi and bistro) served above the trendy SAX department store.
Irish Pub in Ciudad del Este

Kilkenny Irish Pub

Who doesn't enjoy a good Irish pub when they're on their travels? Loud music, nice cocktails.
Zoo in Ciudad del Este

Flora and Fauna Itaipú Binacional

In the creation of the Itaipú Dam, the dam company was obliged to set up a series of eight private reserves that now protect the last remnants of the Alto Paraná Atlantic Forest. Three of the most interesting are Re…