Top Choice Church in Yaguarón

Yaguarón Church

The 18th-century Franciscan church is a landmark of colonial architecture that is not to be missed. The simple design of the exterior, with its separate wooden bell tower, belies the extraordinary beauty of the pain…
Church in Caacupé

Basilica de Caacupé

Paraguay's answer to the Vatican City, the enormous Basilica de Caacupé looks quite out of place in this otherwise quiet provincial town. Though modern, it is still impressive, and the mural-lined stairs leading up …
Museum in Yaguarón

Museo del Doctor Francia

In a little colonial house with a pleasant garden, the Museo del Doctor Francia is the house where Paraguay's first president/dictator spent much of his childhood. It is interesting for its period portraits and stat…
Fountain in Caacupé

Tupasy Ycuá

No trip to Caacupé would be complete without bathing yourself in the holy water of the Tupasy Ycuá. You can also take some home with you. Virgin-shaped water bottles are on sale nearby.
Museum in Circuito de Oro


Contains assorted war memorabilia from the era of the War of the Triple Alliance.