Paraguay in detail

Entry & Exit Formalities

Entering and exiting Paraguay is straightforward and hassle-free provided you get your passport stamps. Note that buses that cross country borders often do not stop at customs because locals don't need to. You do, however, so make sure you tell the driver!

Customs Regulations

Paraguayan customs regulations are fairly standard, with the usual limits on export of cigarettes, alcohol and money. Anything made from animal products is likely to be taken off you at customs and, of course, do not try to take drugs in or out of the country – the penalties are severe.


Canadians, New Zealanders and Americans need visas, others need only a valid passport. Visas are available on arrival at the airport, but complications sometimes arise.

Getting a Visa

Visas may be requested and obtained on the same day at most Paraguayan consulates abroad, but requirements and cost depend where you are applying. Typically you will need two passport photos and two copies of each of the following: your passport, proof of onward travel and proof of sufficient funds.

Immigration Office For information about immigration points, entrance or exit stamps, or visa paperwork.