Top Choice Church in Yaguarón

Yaguarón Church

The 18th-century Franciscan church at Yaguarón, 48km southeast of Asunción, is a landmark of colonial architecture that is not to be missed. The simple design of the exterior with its separate wooden bell tower beli…
Monument in Ciudad Del Este

Monumento Bertoni

A family of Swiss immigrants led by father Moises, the Bertonis had the idea of breeding a community of scientists deep in the Paraguayan jungle. With each of his children given a branch of the sciences to study, th…
Church in Caacupé

Basilica de Caacupé

Paraguay's answer to the Vatican City, the enormous Basilica de Caacupé looks quite out of place in this otherwise quiet provincial town. Caacupé really comes alive on El Día de la Virgen (8 December) when crowds of…
Museum in The Chaco

Fortín Boquerón

Fortín Boquerón is the site of one of the decisive battles of the Chaco War (1932–35). There is an excellent museum as well as a graveyard of the fallen and a gigantic monument constructed from the original defenses…
Museum in Asunción

Museo del Barro

Everyone's favorite, Museo del Barro displays everything from modern paintings to pre-Columbian and indigenous crafts to political caricatures of prominent Paraguayans. Take bus 30 from Oliva and get off at Shopping…
Gardens in Asunción

Jardín Botánico

From the center, Av Artigas runs approximately 6km to the Jardín Botánico. The former estate of the ruling López dynasty, it now houses the city zoo, a small nature reserve and a couple of odd museums: a small natur…
Museum in Asunción


North of the Plaza de los Héroes near the waterfront is the pink cabildo (colonial town council), which was once the center of government. This influential cultural center is a meeting place for bohemian thinkers, h…
Museum in Asunción

Estación Ferrocarril

The Asunción–Encarnación railway line was the first in South America. One of the first trains to run the route is on display at the old Estación Ferrocarril (railway station), along with other items from the period.
Cemetery in Asunción

Cementerio de la Recoleta

The Cementerio de la Recoleta, 3km east of the center along Av Mariscal López, is a maze of incredible mausoleums as Asunción's wealthy try to do outdo each other in the grandeur of their resting places. Eliza Lynch…
Historic Building in Asunción

Panteón de los Héroes

Center of life in Asunción is Plaza de los Héroes, where a military guard protects the remains of Mariscal Francisco Solano López and other key figures from Paraguay's catastrophic wars in the Panteón de los Héroes,…