Paraguay attractions

Top Choice Church in Yaguarón

Yaguarón Church

This 18th-century Franciscan church is a landmark of colonial architecture that is not to be missed. The simple design of the exterior, with its separate wooden bell tower, belies the extraordinary beauty of the pai…
Christian Site in Trinidad and Jesús


A visually striking red-sandstone structure with an ornate style incorporating Roman arches, and strongly featuring the passion-flower motif, signature of the Italian architect Juan Prímoli. Founded in 1706, Guaraní…
Museum in Santa María de Fe​​​​​​​

Museo Jesuítica de Santa Fe

A must-see for those interested in Jesuit history, housing fine examples of religious carving. The indigenous carvers were taught their trade by a Jesuit master who carved a miniature template, which was then copied…
Historic Building in Asunción

Panteón de los Héroes

Asunción's most instantly recognizable building, the imposing Panteón de los Héroes protects the remains of Mariscal Francisco Solano López and other key figures from Paraguay's historical conflicts. There is a regu…
Museum in Asunción

Casa de la Independencia

The Casa de la Independencia dates from 1772 and is where Paraguay became the first country on the continent to declare its independence in 1811. Rooms are decked out in period furniture and displays contain items b…
Wildlife Reserve in The Chaco

Chaco Lodge

Chaco Lodge is a forest reserve around a large salt lake famous for its flamingos. It is one of the last in the area to dry out, and is accessible only during dry weather. It's a great place to camp. Norbert Epp, th…
Museum in Asunción

Museo del Barro

Everyone's favorite, Museo del Barro displays everything from modern paintings to pre-Columbian and indigenous crafts, to political caricatures of prominent Paraguayans.
Monument in Encarnación

Sambadromo Carnaval

The Sambadromo (Carnival parade ground) is along Av Costanera, which is Encarnación's main strip for nightlife. Outside of Carnival season it is used for other events.
Monument in Ciudad del Este

Monumento Bertoni

A family of Swiss immigrants led by father Moisés, the Bertonis had the idea of breeding a community of scientists deep in the Paraguayan jungle at the turn of the 20th century. With each child given a branch of the…
Waterfall in Ciudad del Este

Salto del Monday

This impressive 80m-high waterfall, located 10km south of Ciudad del Este, suffers from its close proximity to Iguazú Falls on the other side of the border. If you have time on your hands, it's well worth the visit,…