Top things to do in Asunción

Top Choice Brazilian in Asunción

Paulista Grill

One of the city's most famous all-you-can-eat restaurants. There are more than 15 different cuts of mouthwatering meats, and salad, pasta and sushi bars to peruse, as well as creative desserts. Attentive table servi…
Argentine in Asunción

La Cabrera

Hugely popular Argentine grill, with delicious meat dishes accompanied by an astonishing array of minisalads, sauces and garnishes. See if you can remember what they all are! Book ahead for Sunday, especially at lun…
Historic Building in Asunción

Panteón de los Héroes

Asunción's most instantly recognizable building, the imposing Panteón de los Héroes protects the remains of Mariscal Francisco Solano López and other key figures from Paraguay's historical conflicts. There is a regu…
Museum in Asunción

Casa de la Independencia

The Casa de la Independencia dates from 1772 and is where Paraguay became the first country on the continent to declare its independence in 1811. Rooms are decked out in period furniture and displays contain items b…
Beer in Asunción


The national craftbrewers association runs regular beer-related events, including the annual anniversary party where brewers showcase their creative wares accompanied by live music and traditional Paraguayan food.
Barbecue in Asunción

Ciervo Blanco

If you're looking for a traditional Paraguayan experience, this place just southeast of the center has it. Juicy asado (barbecue), traditional music and bottle dancers will keep you entertained.
Spanish in Asunción

Taberna Española

A slice of Spain in Paraguay. The energetic ambience of this 'food museum,' with dangling bottles, cooking implements and bells, is only the backdrop for good-value tapas and paella.
Museum in Asunción

Museo del Barro

Everyone's favorite, Museo del Barro displays everything from modern paintings to pre-Columbian and indigenous crafts, to political caricatures of prominent Paraguayans.
Craft Beer in Asunción

Palo Santo Brewing Co.

This megalithic bar in a brewery was one of the pioneers of the Paraguayan craft-beer scene, and has one of the best selections of regional beers in Asunción.
Italian in Asunción


Join the queue to pick your ingredients and watch while the chefs cook up a delicious plate of fresh pasta before your eyes. Hugely popular and deservedly so.