Top Choice Brazilian in Asunción

Paulista Grill

One of the city's most famous all-you-can-eat restaurants. There are more than 15 different cuts of mouthwatering meats, salad, pasta and sushi bars to peruse, as well as exotic desserts. Attentive table service.
Top Choice Barbecue in Asunción

Ciervo Blanco

If you're looking for a traditional Paraguayan experience, this place just southeast of the center has it. Juicy asado, traditional music and bottle dancers will keep you entertained.
Peruvian in Asunción

La Flor de la Canela

The Peruvian food is more genuine than this smart place's faux Inca statues. The menu is dominated by fish and mariscos (seafood), and the ceviche (marinated raw seafood) is fantastic.
International in Asunción

Bar San Roque

An Asunción landmark, with a warm turn-of-the-20th-century atmosphere. The counter displays fresh goods from the family farm and the wine list is as impressive as the menu of fish and meat dishes. As many locals wil…
Deli in Asunción

Lido Bar

Asunción's historic diner is famous for its sidewalk tables opposite the Panteón de los Héroes, making it the city's most popular meeting place. Though it serves a variety of Paraguayan specialties in generous porti…
International in Asunción

Confitería Bolsi

More than a confitería (cafe/snack bar), this traditional place has been going since 1960 and serves everything from sandwiches to curried rabbit and garlic pizza. Try the surubí casa nostra (a delicious fish dish).…
Vegetarian in Asunción

La Vida Verde

Assess your mood with one of the 32 quirky sculptured emotional 'faces' on the wall – 'satisfied' is how you'll feel after this eating experience. A delicious daily buffet of Chinese vegetarian delights (although th…
Mexican in Asunción

Hacienda Las Palomas

Hacienda Las Palomas manages to capture the vibrant colors of Mexico in the decor as much as it captures the country's vibrant flavors on the plate. With friendly waitstaff and generous portions, it's a refined yet …
Turkish in Asunción

Ala Turk

Family-owned Turkish food truck with outdoor seating, serving cracking kebabs and fantastic falafel and offering a puff on nargile sisha. Cheap and cheerful, it's just around the corner from the Mariscal López.
Spanish in Asunción

Taberna Española

A slice of Spain in Paraguay. The energetic ambiance of this 'food museum', with dangling bottles, cooking implements and bells, is only the backdrop for good-value tapas and paella.