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Asunción's tiny airport, Aeropuerto Internacional Silvio Pettirossi, is in the suburb of Luque, 20km to the east.

Aerolíneas Argentinas Serves Buenos Aires only.

Air Europa Serves Madrid four times a week.

Amaszonas Multiple destinations in Brazil and Argentina, plus Santa Cruz (Bolivia).

Avianca Direct flight to Lima Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Copa Airlines Serves Panama City.Gol Flies to São Paulo and onward to other Brazilian destinations via Ciudad del Este.

LATAM Flights to Lima, Miami, Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Santiago (Chile).

Sol del Paraguay Daily flights to Encarnación with a tight baggage allowance.


The stretch of river north of Asunción is relatively uninteresting. For boat cruises on the Río Paraguay you're better off embarking in Concepción.


Asunción's bus terminal is several kilometers southeast of downtown. City buses 8 and 31 run along Oliva to the terminal, while buses 14, 18.2 and 38 run along Haedo.

Purchase long-distance tickets at the company offices on the 2nd floor of the bus terminal. Don't be put off by the touts shouting destinations at you – take your time to choose the company you want.

Stel Turismo runs a a daily 8pm service to Santa Cruz (Bolivia). The Friday service is in a newer, better bus, and is correspondingly more expensive.

Bus Fares

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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Ciudad del Este

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Cost (G)


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Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

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Santa Cruz (Bolivia)

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São Paulo (Brazil)

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Border Crossings

Getting to Argentina

The San Ignacio de Ayolas bridge links Puerto Falcón with Clorinda in Argentina, and customs offices (24 hours) are found at either end. A local bus marked Falcón leaves hourly from Mercado Cuatro and passes the stop at Av República Argentina outside the Asunción bus terminal. There are no organized package trips for this crossing and the ferry crossing to Clorinda is not recommended for tourists.

Getting to Bolivia

The Ruta Trans-Chaco is once again in a state of near-full paving on the Paraguayan side, though potholes in a few sections mean drivers need to keep their wits about them. Several bus companies run the route from Asunción to Santa Cruz (Bolivia) daily, all leaving in the early evening. The journey supposedly takes 24 hours (300,000-400,000G) but often takes longer.

All buses stop at the customs building in Mariscal Estagarribia (free, 24 hours) in the wee hours of the morning, where you must get your exit stamp, before crossing a few hours later into Bolivia at Fortín Infante Rivola. The Bolivian customs post is a further 60km away at Ibibobo. Quality of service provided by Bolivia-bound bus companies varies considerably. Unfortunately they operate a passenger-share policy, so the company you buy your ticket with isn't necessarily the one that you travel on.

Bolivia-bound buses do not pass through the Mennonite Colonies, though you can buy tickets there. You'll need to head to Mariscal Estigarribia on the morning NASA bus from Filadelfia and hang around until the early hours of the following morning to make your connection. Alternatively, head back to Asunción and catch a direct Bolivia bus from there.